This week's update is a couple days late due to the trip and the holiday. Summary: Stable.

I dinged 180 day streak on MyFitnessPal, and week 26 means I've been Doin' This Thing for half a year now. I think I've lost a bit of focus in terms of doig a good job of accurately tracking what I eat. I take a lot of shortcuts and guesses and I think the guesses are getting further and further off. With the holiday season fully in swing that probably won't get a lot better in December, but if progress remains slow this month I will try to redouble my efforts for the new year.

As one might expect, there's been no real progress this week. Running was put on hold for the trip, though I did get a whole lot of walking in. Plus, Disneyland tends to come with a fair bit of eating. I didn't really snack a lot, but many of the meals were fairly big. That said, I feel like I *should* have been a bit negative in the net; it doesn't show in the scale yet, but we will see when everything settles back into the pattern.

While I was there I did get a 260.5 weigh in, but every other weigh in was 261-263. This morning's was somewhere in the 261 range.

Yesterday was Thanksgiving. I didn't record what I ate at all; I had a fairly big breakfast (I made potatoes, bacon and eggs for family and visiting cousins). I managed to only eat one plate full of food, and I didn't overfill it; but I also had little bits to eat here and there while cooking, so it was a fair bit. Also samples of 3 different pies and cheesecake which probably added up to about a piece and a half of pie in normal size.

I didn't actually eat a third meal yesterday, which might've offset things a bit, but I did have a fair bit to drink which is pretty calorific. So all in all I feel like I did pretty well but not as well as I could have. That's fine, it's the holidays.

Today I got back on the horse, er, treadmill, and picked up another run. If I didn't have to stop to go to the bathroom (too much coffee) it would've been 25 continuous minutes of running. So pretty good on the restart; Monday I'll go back to week 9, I think, which is a 22 minute run, followed by a 26 minute on Weds and a 30 minute run on Friday.

In an ideal world I'll start seeing some 259 weigh ins sometime next week. I'll try to be extra good this weekend to make it happen. 258 will let me claim 50 pounds, and I'd like to make that milestone.


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