So the back isn't back to where it's been best, but it's down to simply being a minor discomfort most of the time, one that reminds me often that I shouldn't sit like that or stand like that. But each day seems to be a little better than the last so hopefully it reverts to the happy days from before. For now I'm assuming it will, so long as I take care of it.

As such, on Friday I decided to go for a run, to see what it felt like. It felt good. I managed to run 20 minutes -- 5 minutes longer than I'd intended -- and came out of it okay. It was nice to get the heart pumping again, and with the extra stress I've been under from work, that was helpful. On Monday I went again, this time running 22 minutes -- 3 minutes less than intended, but not sweating not quite making it all the way. Stamina's a bit down from basically 2 months off. It'll come back. I went again yesterday, too, but this time outdoors. Walked a mile, ran a mile, walked another mile, ran the 4th mile, then walked for a bit less than half a mile. Back held up super well and giving me less trouble than my quads.

So with the exercise getting back on track, that means it's time to go back to ye olde calorie counting. So that started today. So far so good, but since the surgery I've struggled more with this part. I'm trying not to go at it too hard. I figure 300 calories for breakfast, which I can stick to pretty easily, then 700 for lunch and 800 for dinner. I can do that if I stay vigilant, basically, which I haven't handled entirely well. But this is a new year and I really want to get back on track.

My weight was 259.6 again this morning. I'm guessing a bit of water loss from the workout yesterday, as I just don't believe I've lost 2 pounds this week, not with just a little exercise but no curtailing of my diet. But either way, it's a nice start to the week. The first goal is to get back to the 50 pounds loss mark, which is at 258.6 so that's only a pound away.

After that, I guess I just angle for the 240s, and getting that belt to get looser again.
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