At least I assume it's progress again.

The scale bounced up and down, hovering around 260 for the first half of the week. But on Sunday it dipped down to 258 and didn't come back up. This morning it said 256 and some change. And indeed, the pants feel a bit looser again so I think this one is for real. That said, it's been difficult to keep good food discipline. In part, this is because I feel like with the extra exercise, I should get some latitude. In theory, 1800 calories per day should mean I lose ~1.5 lb per week. When I run I add about 1600 calories per week in exercise, so I should be able to eat another 250 or so every day and still lose that weight. And I think that's right, but the first week I was going over that too. This week I've hewn to it better, I think.

The running is going well; I have some mild soreness in my right hip again, that showed up after I did my 5K again, and it's lingering but mild. I'm going to give it awhile because it doesn't seem to worsen when I run but also, well, lingers. But it's not really getting in the way and it is a very mild pain. (Maybe the back pain has changed what I consider serious?) But if it doesn't really hamper my ability to walk or run, I don't think I'm worried about it unless it worsens.

I've said I want to find something to exercise in off-days but nothing has stuck. I briefly tried pushups but then I took the break; I ought to try that again, but I need to make sure I don't do it half-heartedly when I do.

Charlotte has now gone out three times for runs with me. She likes running outdoors WAY better than the treadmill, and her stamina is up enough that while it's a slow run for me, I still get a pretty good run out of it. Yesterday this wasn't quite true; she got a stitch right away and it wasn't a great run for me. Enough so that after we got back, I went and added another mile at my normal speed just to feel like I'd done something. It got me a lot of steps, though, and while it wasn't a great run I still got 2 miles of very slow running which is more active than just walking.

My waist is still bigger than it was when I suspended the plan in December, and I'm hopeful that will come back to where it was over the course of the next couple of weeks.

So anyway, scale has me back below the 50 pound mark again! Progress is good, and if I can have a good, productive spring maybe I can get down into the 240s in a month or two!
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