Let's do the timewarp again! It turns out, when I was looking through my history on this that I discovered I had doubled up Week 14 and so I've been off by a week ever since. Whoops. So like they did with the calendar when they switched to the Gregorian, we're going to skip a week. Like the spoon, there is no week 22.

Progress: Waistline down again, weight down but at a much slower pace than prior to the surgery, and the running program is going well. Current weight 263, loss 45 pounds.
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Yeah, I'm having a tired week and writing titles is hard and once I started I kinda felt I had to keep doing it. Even though I'm really down into it now and there isn't really a good title every day.
Status: Up this week, but keeping at it. Runs going well, the rest less so.
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The scale has moved, the waistband has really moved, my knees are holding up and I'm behind schedule but the schedule isn't the important part.
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The scale is maddeningly stuck in the 268-269 range. I'm off the CPAP for either a month or forever, depending. And the running program is going well, with a bonus addition!
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Current weight: 268. Total loss: 40.6 pounds. For the week: -1.6. So yay, back over the 40 pound mark!
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Short update, as I missed yesterday.

Last week was terrible. The only thing I've managed to do successfully is not lose my streak by checking myfitnesspal daily and at least logging breakfast, but I still feel half-sick and I just haven't been able to force myself into discipline this week. I keep telling myself it's just an excuse, but telling myself isn't doing any good when it hits me hard in the afternoon and I seek comfort.

I'm going to have to redouble my efforts here, but it'll help if I finally start feeling better.
Currently at: 267.8, loss of 40 pounds.

As expected, the transition back has been fairly rocky. Mostly it's that with the throat, I now feel like I have a constant cold. I may, in fact, have a cold, as R has been hacking up a lung the last day or two, but it's not clear. I am, however, draining fluids from my sinus almost constantly. And my throat feels raw.
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I've decided I'm officially going back to full calorie counting on Monday, giving myself another few days because I'm not feeling great. And that's also when I'm going to resume the CPAP, which is part of it.
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I totally expected my weight to remain stable this week, or even go up a little.

Except, despite all my intentions of overeating, I appear to have continued losing weight. Yesterday I weighed in at 266.9 -- today I was up to 267.6. Both of those numbers represent a loss > 40 pounds. That's right, I earned my 40 pound weight loss badge while I wasn't even trying! I've been very spottily logging most days I only bother to put in my breakfast. Just enough to make sure I log into MyFitnessPal -- my streak is now 105 days, and I definitely want to keep that one alive.

Today marks the end of week 2 of post-op. Tomorrow marks the end of diet and exercise restriction, and I can theoretically go back to eating whatever I want and resume normal activity. That said, reality I think is going to impose a few more days. It's still really raw in a few spots, the scabs haven't entirely come off, an in some ways it's more sore than it was in the first week still, though at this point it's entirely on one side. There's one spot that is just taking longer to heal, it feels like.

Plus, my ENT said to stay off the CPAP for an additional week (sigh) and I think that while my apnea is severely reduced, there is still some going on. Mornings are still pretty hard.

Of course, mornings have always been hard for me, with or without the CPAP. It may just be me.
Technically this isn't week 14, as the actual calorie counting has been suspended since before my last update, but I'm going to just stick with real time. So important news: Weight remains stable, I'm at 272 which is -36 from where I've started. Still too far from 40 for me to call it "almost 40 pounds" and 2 pounds up from my lowest point, but stability is a good thing. Also, it proves I've been eating pretty well during my recovery.

Speaking of recovery...
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So. Recovery going apace. But I'm ready for this to be over now. Apparently it can take 3-6 months to be fully healed, but hopefully in a week I can at least be back on my feet.
90 days! I hit the 90 day mark yesterday. It's been a pretty monumental week. I completed the conversion from contractor to full time at Apple, so now I'm an employee. I'm going to have my tonsillectomy tomorrow. I can't have ibuprofen or alcohol right now, though I slipped and forgot about a week ago and had a glass of wine. Whoops. Oh well.

I didn't lose any weight last week; in fact, I'm up about 2.5 pounds. That's in part because for the last few days I've basically suspended dieting, because tomorrow I have surgery and I don't want my body to be in a calorie deficit when that happens, because that could slow the healing process. So the diet will remain suspended for at least a week past the surgery.

That said, it may be difficult for me to actually eat much, so while suspended I may be dieting anyway.

In terms of progress, I'm down around 36 pounds (I guess back up 2.5 makes it much harder to say 'almost 40' like I could at 38.5), pants are still looser, but I still feel pretty overweight. And, I mean, I am. I'm still 90+ pounds away from my target weight, (though honestly I imagine I'd be fairly comfortable at 200, I picked my target weight because it is the top end of the BMI scale and it seems like a smart place to angle toward). My pants are looser but they're still big pants. My shirts are looser but I still wear a size with more than one X in it.

In other words, I still have a long way to go.

Right now my focus is to get through the healing process on the surgery, and then once again go back through the ramp up and get myself back on track.

If I can do that, then it is not unreasonable to be down around 245 pounds by New Year's. So that's my medium term goal. 245 pounds is where I was when I fell off Weight Watchers in 2006. It would be a good Christmas present to myself. It's also more or less the halfway point toward my goal.

That, of course, and not freaking out about undergoing surgery tomorrow. I suspect I will not sleep much tonight.
Today marks the end of week 12, or not quite 3 months on the program. This week has been a very, very good week, too. Today I'm 270.1 for a total loss of 38.5 pounds, which means that I reached my goal of 270 prior to the surgery, and a week early. Well, assuming we can ignore the fraction, and I'm willing to ignore it.
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I'm on vacation, and expecting a bit of a stall, though hopefully not too much because this is a vacation that includes a lot of walking.

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What a week it's been, too. Weight suddenly dropped off starting last Thursday and has stayed down, to my surprise. I'm currently at 276.4 which is down 31.4. Waist is fairly stable from last week, but it had a very sudden drop a couple weeks ago so this isn't super surprising. This does mean I'm back on track for being close to 270 by the time I have surgery, which will be a nice bonus. As it is, when I go in for my appointment on Friday I'll be around 15 pounds lighter than my last appointment with that doctor. Little things can be exciting.
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Today is day 63, so just more than two months on the plan.
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Well, this week wasn't so good for the plan. Weight is up .7 from this time last week though waist is down another .5", so it's not totally hopeless. Between the two I can assume that it's stable, trending downward, since a .7 pound variance is well under the variance from simple water.

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Today I'm at 284.9, down a total of 22.9 pounds and I dropped another .5" on my waistline this time around.
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Jul. 9th, 2015 08:46 am
Yesterday I was complaining how things had been a bit stuck for a week.

So today, down 3.6.

On the other hand, I motivated myself to get out and do a 6 mile walk. And as part of that walk, I ran. Not a lot, mind you. Maybe about a minute per mile, starting with the 3rd mile. But it got me down to 15 minute miles, which is the fastest I've done. I need to be careful with that, though. I could irritate my back, and I could irritate my respiratory system, so anything I do needs to be slowly added and calculated.

But if I'm feeling good, I will try some more and see. Even if running feels pretty weird at my weight.


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