For much of the first year of this, I tried to post regularly on Wednesdays. Near the end of the year that kind of fell off; right now those posts would be a lot of "keep on keepin' on". But every now and then I'll have something interesting to post.

So first the minutiae: I'm off running for a bit to let my calf heal up. I tested it out this week and it's feeling pretty good, but since I'm going on vacation for a week starting Saturday, I'm not going to bother going on just one run and then going on a vacation that will include a lot of walking. I was doing some regular alt exercises, but that fell off this week due to soreness in my shoulders and some work stress. I'll get back to it after vacation.

The important part of this post, though, is that this morning's weigh-in was 245.8 -- and 245 was a key milestone on my chart and one that has me very excited. There are two milestones that converge here:

1) When I fell off weight watchers, I was right around 245. (Sadly the original data is gone so I don't know PRECISELY where I was, but it was within a couple pounds of it). That's a big deal, because I'm in a mode right now where I'm going well and I hope to sail right past this milestone over the next couple of months.

2) 244 is the halfway point to my original goal of 180. Now, I've revised my goal to 210 based on body fat percentages, but those numbers aren't reliable; so really it's 210 and then see how I feel and how I look about whether I need to continue. But still, that revision was recent; for a year I was seeing 244 as halfway.

For me, halfway points have always been super important. When I'm running, the halfway point means that all I have to do is repeat what I just did, and mentally, that's big. I've already done it once, so I should be able to do it again, right? The same is true when I'm building something.

The next major milestone is at 230 -- that's the weight I was at when I moved to California.
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