Sure, it's from FOX news so maybe not so trustworthy...

Heavin denies giving any money to radical groups and said his company has nothing to do with the abortion debate. He’s accused Rosen and the Chronicle of trying to start a witchhunt.

The editors at the Chronicle are investigating Rosen’s column and Heavin’s complaints. Meanwhile, Curves is not ruling out legal action.
Recently I've read some people going "OH MY GOD I CAN'T GO TO CURVES ANYMORE" after learning that Curves' owner Gary Heavin supports militant pro-life groups.

Unfortunately for everyone involved, this information turns out to be inaccurate.

Thank you very much to [ profile] snidegrrl who posted this link for me in a comment on [ profile] evilhat's journal.

Curvers For Choice -- a collection of information including the Jon Carroll article that got things started. One thing specifically mentioned is that Jon Carroll did not do primary research and made some critical errors in his assessment.

Specifically, quoted from the above site:

Clearing up some misinformation from the press -- straight from Curves owners:

1. Curves International, the corporation, does not make any direct donations. Anywhere.

2. Gary Heavin does not have a relationship, at all, with Rusty Lee Thomas or with Operation Save America or Operation Rescue. He had one telephone conversation with Mr. Thomas, at least 6 months ago. No action was taken by Gary Heavin as a result of that conversation. They have not spoken since and Gary Heavin does not support those organizations in any way. The Internet letter that discusses the telephone call is inaccurate and was written by Mr. Thomas to promote his own purposes. It was also irresponsibly referred to by Jon Carroll, who did not do any primary research, but only relied on Google searches.

3. Gary Heavin does not support violence of any kind, as related to anti-choice issues.

4. Gary Heavin told club owners he believes in freedom of expression and that they are free to decide what to promote or support in their own clubs.

Please, spread this around to those who are boycotting Curves. This information may not be any more accurate than the original Jon Carroll information, as I have not done any primary research myself. However, I believe it's important for everyone to actually think about their actions and collecting information is vital to that process.


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