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Jul. 21st, 2005 08:19 am
Now that the assignblame project has cooled a bit (I still have some things to do but they're relatively minor. Well, ok, one of them is kind of a Project and I suspect I'll scale it back by the time I go to do it.), I've finally gotten back to doing a little work on Altaia, as I put the layout together and rewrite large chunks of text.

When I first wrote this stuff, I wrote way too much stuff in second person. Very unprofessional sounding.

I need some ideas for religious stories--parables if you will--to flesh out the religion in Altaia. I realized today after having a discussion about them that one of the issues I have with the religion system I use is that the Gods have no personality, really. They all do the things they're meant to do in the sense that they represent something, but to get some personality, there has to be some stories about how they interact.

If anyone wants to give me some ideas, the stuff I have is defined here.


Most of the stories should probably have some overarching reason that they've been preserved. Either they're a moral tale of some sort (and I'm talking pagan morals not present day stuff) or they explain why something is the way it is.

Khunin-An shouldn't appear in the stories at all. He's never really been around and is now gone, as far as this pantheon is concerned.

The stories are likely to be best if they have Gods interacting, either with each other or with the world; many of them before the Veil, but there can be stories from after the Veil that are about the Messengers. (These are actually a race of beings that can cross the Veil, there are a few levels of them and the more powerful they are the less they can cross the Veil.)

I'm really just looking for ideas here, tho hey, if someone wants to write a whole story for me I wouldn't say no.
This is a topo-style map of the area my main campaign was just in.

County of Azorshoall

This was a lot smaller than many of the maps I've made, so only took me about 6...maybe 8 hrs of work.
This weekend I gamed. A lot.

On Saturday I finally got to have another session of Convergence, my epic fantasy mini-campaign in which the players are seeking the ancient magical mcguffins in order to stop the 5,000 year giant scary demon invasion thing from happening. The session went really well. We had one replacement player who, after about an hour of observing and seeming a little uncomfortable, suddenly jumped in and became a key voice for the rest of the session. The session took a month and a half of game time, due to large amounts of travel (they covered some 800 miles on good roads plus by boat, plus they hacked their way 6 miles through jungle). They had one almost meaningless combat, but that particular campaign has now had only 2 combats in 5 sessions, so it seemed like a good thing to throw in a meaningless combat. They'll probably have one or two more. The jungle is an unpleasant place, and they have a lot of jungle to go.

In the second game, I ran a D&D 3.5e one-shot. We had a paladin, a cleric (of Pelor), a sorceror, a half-orc barbarian, and an elven rogue. The party gelled together pretty fast, once chargen was done (which took about twice as long as I wanted, alas) and the mini-module I ran, while not great, turned out pretty fun. We had some good interaction, and the 'mystery', while straight-forward and simple, had just enough interesting bits to make the game playable and enjoyable. Also, the barbarian didn't get to sleep with the hot elf chick, even though she promised--because she insisted he bathe, and by bathe he meant "Be bathed by my eager and willing servants and...aww, you fell asleep. Poor half-orc. You had a good night, didn't you!"
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Feb. 16th, 2005 09:49 am
The last couple sessions of my Altaia campaign, Village People, have been pretty darn good.

I know this won't interest most, but I know some like reading about other people's games. Tho I don't write much witty and creative about them, I do have a complete set of session notes (which is not as good as a log or summary sadly) on the [ profile] village_people community. If you look, be sure to check the memories where I actually organize posts a little.
Cut for the non-gamers; Gamers, I'm interested in your thoughts.
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A map for a remarkably small section of my gaming world.

Of course, now I need a ton and another ton of text to accompany it. Ahahahaha.
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Sep. 6th, 2003 05:36 pm
We were actually back yesterday, and pretty much everything of note is already in [ profile] esmerel's journal, so I won't duplicate it.

On the plus side, I'm starting up a new campaign. Choosing players was kind of interesting, as I know there are many who would be interested in playing, but I really wanted to limit it to 6. With my housemates effectively taking half of that 6, and one person who inspired the campaign to even begin, that was 4; leaving only 2 choices. One of which is someone who I only get to interact with during gaming, and I wanted to game with more, and the other is someone I hardly know but in our brief meetings I'm quite sure I will find him enjoyable company and an excellent roleplayer.


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