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Jul. 21st, 2005 08:19 am
Now that the assignblame project has cooled a bit (I still have some things to do but they're relatively minor. Well, ok, one of them is kind of a Project and I suspect I'll scale it back by the time I go to do it.), I've finally gotten back to doing a little work on Altaia, as I put the layout together and rewrite large chunks of text.

When I first wrote this stuff, I wrote way too much stuff in second person. Very unprofessional sounding.

I need some ideas for religious stories--parables if you will--to flesh out the religion in Altaia. I realized today after having a discussion about them that one of the issues I have with the religion system I use is that the Gods have no personality, really. They all do the things they're meant to do in the sense that they represent something, but to get some personality, there has to be some stories about how they interact.

If anyone wants to give me some ideas, the stuff I have is defined here.


Most of the stories should probably have some overarching reason that they've been preserved. Either they're a moral tale of some sort (and I'm talking pagan morals not present day stuff) or they explain why something is the way it is.

Khunin-An shouldn't appear in the stories at all. He's never really been around and is now gone, as far as this pantheon is concerned.

The stories are likely to be best if they have Gods interacting, either with each other or with the world; many of them before the Veil, but there can be stories from after the Veil that are about the Messengers. (These are actually a race of beings that can cross the Veil, there are a few levels of them and the more powerful they are the less they can cross the Veil.)

I'm really just looking for ideas here, tho hey, if someone wants to write a whole story for me I wouldn't say no.
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Apr. 7th, 2005 10:37 pm
Cracks in the Window, chapter 18

4,036 words. 1,176 words written tonight. 66,134 words. Roughly. 7-ish chapters remain.

As usual, the username/password applies. If you need it, contact me.
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Mar. 16th, 2005 09:55 pm
Another 250 words tonight. But I only had about 45 minutes of writing time, and a bunch of that was spent not writing, so 250 words is a pretty good bit of progress. And it is forward progress, which is much better than, say, since October of last year.

Total word count: 64,958

Estimated final word count: 90,000 (and rising)
500 more words today--2600 words into chapter 18. Not quite sure when this chapter's going to end actually, gotta figure out some stuff about what's coming up next.

For those of you who clicked but didn't have the password, and are interested in reading, just IM or email me.

Links to the story can be found in my memories, too.
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Mar. 13th, 2005 06:23 pm
And 2100 words into chapter 18.

Yay flowing words! Hopefully I'll feel up to writing tomorrow and can churn through this thing.
So, uh, after a year and a half, here's Chapter 17.

For those who weren't following a year and a half ago, I've been writing a novel. Except I got kind of stuck or burnt out or something, and I stopped at 60,000 words.

So something inspired me and I'm trying to fix the problems I was having, and finish the damn thing. My target was 90,000 words, so I had 2/3s of it completed. It's now 62,000 words. It's a mildly short chapter, but the chapter said "Break me here" so I did. Also fixing it may tack on another 10,000 words. We'll see.

You need a password to use the link; The entirety can be gotten to from here, also requiring the same password. If you want this, simply contact me. The password is only to ensure my copyright is protected and some web crawler doesn't end up sending this novel all across the web.

Also, I'm not editing as I go. There are flaws, some of them actually kind of major. When I'm done I will go back and fix these flaws. Or maybe I won't and I will put this away and move on to a different novel. Depends upon how much potential this thing really has for publication.
Talk about completely random. I popped into buttonmen chat and ended up doing an off-the-cuff collaborative story based upon some random words. It came out ok, and is worth keeping. This is edited only for formatting, not for content.
Cut because only 3 of you want to read this... )
3,760 words, for a running total of 59,270. Current projection: 89,000 words, meaning I am only a hundred or so words shy of the 2/3 mark. And certain elements of the plot are starting to advance--elements some people have been expecting, to some extent, for quite some time.

Cracks in the Window, Chapter 16 WORD Format
Cracks in the Window, Chapter 16 PDF Format

As usual, the username and password apply. Also as usual, if you want to read--just ask me.
3,813 words. 55,475 total. 9 chapters (approximately 33,000 words) remain in my outline. This has actually
expanded by a chapter, as certain things got a little long winded around chapter 14.

Cracks in the Window, Chapter 15 WORD Format
Cracks in the Window, Chapter 15 PDF Format

For those just coming into this, you need a password to read this. Contact me if you're interested--I do like readership. This is only to protect my copyright.
2,000 words today. 53,995 total. Only 31,000 more words to go by current estimate. Grind grind grind. Though a lot of the later chapters are seared into my head, so I have high hopes that the last 10k words will go by very quickly. If I get another writing session as good as today's, I'll get chapter 15 posted.
Well I got 350 words today, which is the first I've written on the project in several months. It's not a lot, especialy by my binge standards, but it'll do for now. It has my mind churning on the project again...and I would really like to finish it by the end of the year.
Most of you know I posted the first 3 chapters publically and everything after that semi-private (but the password is easy to get if you know me well enough to ask for it) to protect my copyright. But I also know some people haven't been reading my LJ long enough to have seen the first chapters, and I recently discovered the memories I collected them in my memories.

Here they are for those who want to go back and read them...or for my own reference later on: Merlin's Writing Memories
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Sep. 17th, 2003 07:54 am
Kett (the main character in Cracks in the Window) started pacing in my head last night. This means, theoretically, more novel writing.

Except for the fact that I've not very much time. 18 units and a game that I still have a lot of work left to prepare for. Bah!
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Aug. 2nd, 2003 12:21 am
When the eel
has your toe
and it just
won't let go...
That's a moraaaaaay.

Now what's the next verse?
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Jun. 25th, 2003 11:15 am
Chapter 14. 3,492 words. 51,664 total. One chapter behind on my outline, so I may end up 24 chapters instead of 23. That's okay.

Cracks in the Window, Chapter 14 WORD Format
Cracks in the Window, Chapter 14 PDF Format

As usual, password required. Contact me, I love to hear feedback on this stuff.
2300 words written this morning. Chapter 14 is more than half done.
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Jun. 19th, 2003 10:04 am
I went ahead and cleaned up the directory for Cracks in the Window somewhat. It does mean that the old links for chapters 1-9 will no longer work, but if you simply go to the parent directory you'll get a directory listing; I renamed all of the single digit chapters to use two digits so that they'll show up in the proper order.
4,000 words exactly, for a running total of 48,152 words.

Cracks in the Window, Chapter 13 WORD Format
Cracks in the Window, Chapter 13 PDF Format

As usual, name/password privs apply. Contact me if you're interested in reading this stuff. For people who haven't been following along, chapters 1-3 are available in this journal. I think I wrote them back in late January or early Feb so check then.

10 chapters to go! And the real fun is beginning.
After a 2 month hiatus, I did some more writing. I didn't actually need very much to finish this chapter:

Cracks in the Window, Chapter 12 WORD Format
Cracks in the Window, Chapter 12 PDF Format


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