Talk about completely random. I popped into buttonmen chat and ended up doing an off-the-cuff collaborative story based upon some random words. It came out ok, and is worth keeping. This is edited only for formatting, not for content.
Cut because only 3 of you want to read this... )
I wrote this after skimming through the topics for [ profile] weeklywriting and decided to submit this.

It's not the greatest--for part of it I feel like I'm stumbling around trying to remember what my point is, and I'm not sure the point, such as it is, got across. But we'll have to see.

BTW, if you read this, please comment; sadly, I do need some sort of validation that people are at least reading these things, which will help motivate me to write more. And if I write more it can (I hope) only get better. So if you read it, say so; you don't have to say you liked it or hated it or anything (tho you can if you like, feedback is even better) but if you comment and say "I read it" even that will help me. Thanks!

--- cut here ---

"What do you think would be the worst way to die?" he asked calmly.

The boy looked at the old man, his eyes narrowed. The boy was just getting a little bit of dark scruff on his chin. "What I'm going to do to you, old man, when I get out of here."

And now...the rest of the story. )
Tommy's Story

It's actually a bit of a character background, but it's writing. RP often inspires me. I haven't actually RP'd that character, but he will likely enter a pre-existing campaign.


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