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Jun. 8th, 2005 09:45 am
Stomach virus...can go away now. Grr.

Last night I was finaly feeling better (I probably haven't posted about this; it hit me Sunday night, I barely ate Monday and I got one decent meal yesterday. Thought I was doing ok last night...) and this morning seemed ok. Then my stomach tied itself into another knot. But I decided it was hungry, and indeed, while I ate my bowl of cereal it was extremely happy about it. Then about 15 minutes after I ate, bleh. Back to the low-grade nausea. Sigh.

I've lost 3 lb this week, too. Finally putting me below the initial goal I missed last month. Talk about a mixed blessing, there.
Other than having to spend some dough on the Jeep, and having...intestinal excitement...all week, it's been a pretty decent week. I think I've finally shaken off the malaise that hit me when I got back from CO, and can actually start to feel excited about things again. That said, I still had a couple of cranky days this week where I spent the bulk of my time pretending not to be so I didn't rip somebody's head off for something that was well and truly not deserved, but even with that it wasn't as bad as last week, where all I wanted to do most of the time was sit and veg.

Oddly, this whole post took only a paragraph, because I actually have nothing to write about.
Up: Yesterday I woke up feeling a lot better than I had in awhile, for the 2nd day running.
Down: Costco killed it. I have a problem with crowds. It's something I try not to let bother me, but somehow it always does. People getting in my way make me cranky beyond reason, and they tend to throw me right into that ugly funk.

Up: Today I feel better again.
Down: The Jeep was particularly cranky about starting. And then it didn't want to idle. So I ran it for awhile and it got better. Let it sit for 5 minutes and it got worse. Gotta take it in. Hope it's just the battery.

Up: Yesterday I weighed in at 260, which is my first primary goal.
Down: Weigh-in is Wednesday and this morning I was 262. Dunno what's up with that, but it's probably just retention. No big deal, but showing me my goal weight and then taking it away is annoying.
Additional Down: Got a new scale. Now, I've always known that the scale I use weighs a little light, but it's not really been in my face and without another scale I didn't have any alternatives anyway. So experimentation this morning suggests that my scale is 7-8 pounds light. Fortunately, even tho WW doesn't let me edit my starting weight, it does let me edit every weight since (no idea why it's weird about that). So I just added 6 lb to all of my readings--meaning I'm still going to take a 1-2 lb hit as the scale adjusts, but I guess I've got to live with that. It's a much nicer scale and it gives a much more reliable (as in, same reading 3 times in a row, within .2 lb) reading than the old one (which could vary by 4 lb just stepping off and back on it)
I haven't posted at all, but I've been sick for the last week and a half or so. Not coughing aching stuffy head fever (no you can't rest) sick, but instead just "I have no energy, I think I will sleep all day and lie awake all night" sick.

Today I can't tell if I feel like a million bucks or a bucket of rust. I keep sort of flashing between the two.

I suspect this means "better but don't push your luck".

I hope that's what it means!


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