I've already forgotten who I ganked this from, though I think [livejournal.com profile] janne

Star Wars Episode III (abridged version) script

Yes it contains spoilers. Duh. If you haven't given George Lucas your $10 yet, go do it, then come back and click this. I'll wait.
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May. 21st, 2005 10:28 am
Spoilers )
Overall, it was an ok movie. I suspect it will be as basically forgettable as AotC was for me, though perhaps a few more bits will stand out in my memory as time passes. I don't agree with those who say it's worthy to sit next to the trilogy, it's not. Even Jedi is far better. But I don't hate it by any means.

It's made $85M in 2 days. It'll make more than AotC did, I'm sure.
For a change, I'm not one of them. I'm not sure why this is, except I can't make myself want to.

In other news, the Jeep needed the alternator *and* the battery replaced. $500 later and a broken credit card machine later, I did get the Jeep back yesterday afternoon. Ahh, fun.
Well ok, not really.

I did finally watch Gladiator after owning the DVD for several years. Being a long film with some mixed reviews, it was quite some time before I had built up the time and desire to watch a movie and have a 2.5 hr movie be it.

So this review is way way out of date, but still.

That movie is Hamlet. Oh sure, lots has been changed to make it fit the whole Roman empire paradigm, and the Ridley Scott BIGGGER THAN LIFE directing style, but the essence of the story is Hamlet.
Warning: Major Spoilers, if that matters. )
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Apr. 26th, 2005 11:11 pm
I'm back.

My friends list is filled with chatter about the Serenity trailer.

That's great, but I promise you, at least one person out there doesn't want to see it, and putting the font up three sizes only makes that person want to pee on you.
Star Trek: Nemesis was a bad, bad movie.

It was as bad as Insurrection. I'm astonished at how horrifyingly bad it was.

(Yes, I know, I'm way behind on this one, but it was on cable and I figured I should be a completist about the ST movies).
My loving wife found this and I have to share it.
Tim Goodman's review of '10.5'

A couple of choice quotes:

In fact, "10.5" is so joyously awful that if you dare undertake participation-style viewing connected in some manner to alcohol you'll have to rein in the number of tip-off moments.

It really comes down to this: If you don't have stadium seating in your house equipped to hold at least five or six giddy, irony-soaked, cliche- hawking friends, then don't bother watching. If you watch "10.5" alone it will be like going to a comedy club by yourself, or, at the basest level, simply wasting four hours of your short life. "10.5" is a movie best shared with others.

You have to love a movie that topples the Space Needle and the Golden Gate Bridge almost immediately, but it's a truly special occasion when you can watch an earthquake follow a train down the tracks and swallow it up like a shark chasing a swimmer in "Jaws." That alone is almost worth the four-hour price of admission to "10.5" because, if nothing else, it gives keen insight into the rest of the movie. After all, if you can dream up a scenario in which an earthquake CHASES A TRAIN DOWN THE TRACKS, well, anything is possible.

Go read it.
I saw Onmyoji today at [livejournal.com profile] mkellis's place today. Really excellent flick, it's a nice Heian era magic & demons film with a well put together story and fantastic costuming. Some of the special effects are kind of bad, but they clearly had a budget. I liked the editing and the sound work particularly. I recommend it, especially to the L5R players.
Signs was pretty good. Well paced and I'm a sucker for the loss of faith story.

Feeling kinda terse right now so not much of an entry.


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