Monday morning I crawl my ass out of bed and step on the scale and start to panic -- I've gained a pound! "No way," I thought. I was a bit bad over the weekend (mm bacon cheese fries, mmm creamy dill mashed potatoes with salmon) but I had the flex points available.

Now, weight can fluctuate for a lot of reasons, primarily water. I reasoned that perhaps I was up a bit for transitory reasons, and that if I skipped the weigh in day I would come in at a more expected weight the next day. Rationally I figured this would be true, but it didn't stop me from feeling mildly panicy that I'd screwed up a bit.

Sure enough, Tuesday came around and the weigh-in showed -1 lb. A 2 pound difference just based on the day. But Tuesday I had to drive up to Orcland for work, so I didn't make the weigh in official that morning and by that evening I'd forgotten to do it. Lunch that day was this gargantuan turkey burger which I tried to eat just enough of. It was delicious and smothered with melted cheddar cheese, but I managed to hold myself to eating a reasonable amount. I think I did ok. And I was also good for dinner to make up for the full fat starbucks I'd had that morning.

Today I weigh in and it's -2.6 pounds. Now, last night I had one of those colon cleaning trips to the bathroom where the neverending story becomes a little surprising (enough so that I remarked about it to [ profile] esmerel. So I suspect this is another one of those fluctuations that are on the low end.

On the other hand, I also had .5 pounds to make up to be back 'on schedule', and since I didn't record my weigh-in yesterday, I decided to take today's. I'll probably pay for it a bit on the next weigh-in and that's ok too. I'd say I'll try to be good today, but I'm suspending the diet for dinner this evening, because it's Valentine's day.

RttW week 6 loss: 2.6 total: 9.6 lb (1.6 lb per week).
This week the scale says down 1 pound; I was better this week, so I feel that the reduced weight loss is carryover from my dubious behavior the prior week.

My belt is a notch looser now, and I can wear a pair of jeans I had become reluctant to wear, though by the end of the day they're still feeling a touch tighter than I would like. These are both good signs. [ profile] esmerel has remarked that she can see the difference, though of course I can't actually see it. The belt being looser is the only real indication that I am able to perceive.

On Saturday I had a story I was thinking I needed to tell on this report, but of course I can't remember it now. How very typical.

RttW loss: 7 pounds. I'm now just under the 1.5 pound per week mark, so a week or two of being extra good to try and 'catch back up' may be merited -- it's only an extra .5 to be on the average, so it isn't much catching up to do. It'll be much worse when I hit a plateau. Last time I hit a plateau right around 264, so I would be unsurprised to see one hit in the next couple of weeks.
Despite having an awful week, I still lost 1.4 pounds. I don't understand how, but I did. On Tuesday I went to AP Stump's with [ profile] senatorhatty and [ profile] wildpaletz and had a wonderful steak dinner and I calculated it at eleventy billion points (ok ok I calculated it at around 65 points). And I was fairly weak in discipline for 2 days afterward, as well.

Anyway, I crossed a 10 lb barrier, and I've lost 6 pounds in 4 weeks. Right about where I want to be, despite my relative lack of control.
Despite having a bad week, which included getting sick and consoling myself with pizza and ice cream (and not low fat ice cream either) I appear to still be down another pound. I don't feel like I managed to really be good all week, though at least 2 or 3 days were pretty good. But there were 2 days I just didn't count points, and I know i went way over.

Still a pound is good. Hopefully I can be better this week -- another .4 lb and I cross one of the magic 2nd digit lines which always makes a big mental difference when looking at the scale.

I need to schedule actually, really truly cleaning out the garage, so I can set the weight bench back up. I need to ensure I don't lose any muscle while I do this. Some light weight lifting 3 days a week should cover that.
Despite a significant binge on Saturday (mmm bacon cheese fries) and basically not accurately keeping track of points for at least part of the week (but trying to maintain healthy choices, at least) I appear to have lost 1.6 lb this week anyhow. I'm a little dubious but hopefully I can maintain a little better this week and this number won't prove to be a fluke in the scale.

I remember the first time I went on WW, about 2 weeks in I was dealing with this constant, voracious hunger (which is what led to the binge on Saturday) that I couldn't make go away. Last time it eventually subsided, but getting through it was pretty tough. This time I didn't really; partly weakness, partly the memory that last time it just disappeared. And I think last time I did a smaller binge, too.

It has me wibbling a bit: in part I need my body to adjust somewhat to the fewer calories, but I also don't want my body to think it's starving, which'll totally mess up my energy levels and I'll not lose any weight. So while in part I feel a bit guilty for going so far overboard, I also think I probably should've. I guess I'll see -- yesterday wasn't nearly so bad (tho I was unable to resist snitching one of [ profile] strider13's cheese sticks; I believe I actually had the spare points for it, though I didn't count specifically, but I'd done reasonably well through the day).

In any case, 3.6 lb in 2 weeks so far, that's right about where I want to be. (theoretically I want to lose 1.5 pounds per week).
My first week of actively being on weight watchers again (first time in a year -- I think over a year as my last couple of attempts were pretty halting) was, I think, mostly successful.

Weight Watchers redesigned their point tracker a little bit. In so doing, two important things happened:

  • The number of points I have per day went up dramatically.

  • The formula for calculating these points appears to no longer be available on the site. :/

I've actually been trying to work as though I had the number of points I am more used to rather than the points it told me (it gave me 40 points, last time I was at this weight I had 35) and as such I didn't even get into flex points. Until yesterday. Then we had not one but two unexpected friends drop by (which is wonderful, by the way, not a complaint) and we ended up going to La Perla which is delicious but has a relatively unhealthy burrito. I'm not sure how many points it was, and I only ate half the burrito, but I guessed it at 25 for the half I ate, which I'm hoping is on the high side. It's really hard to say though, because burritos can have a surprisingly wide range of points depending on exactly how the ingredients in it are prepared.

And then last night, after making a nice, healthy tilapia dinner, even with the burrito lunch I still had barely touched my flex points, so we broke out the lava cakes. That ate well into my flex points, but I didn't wake up hungry last night.

Which leads me to: I've been waking up hungry at least some of the time.

In any case, my weigh in this morning indicates I've lost an even 2 pounds. Not bad considering I felt like I was overeating with 40 points per day. And I expected that since this 2 lb loss would take me back across a 25 lb barrier (where the old formula changed points) I'd drop from 40, but it still has me at 40 points per day. Well. We'll see. I did pretty well at 35 points per day last time, it was only when I got down to 30 that I started having issues, and 28 is, I think, what threw me off the plan, because I wasn't able to adjust. So maybe the new numbers are better. Still, I'm targeting 35 and if I go into that 5 point cushion I don't feel bad. If I get results doing that, I will continue to do that.

Also, weightwatchers' site is kind of slow right now. :/


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