Today, Sprout is 5 months old. It's been pretty amazing.

6 months ago, I got a new job. I stepped away from the constant pressure provided by the psycho CEO at my former company and instead I am now working for the faceless corporate giant, Sony BMG. I work entirely from home, and I admit I do have a little trouble feeling integrated into the team, but there are a number of reasons for that and my WFH status is not the only one.

For those with whom I am a little less in touch, my life is basically two things right now:

1) BABY!!!!!
2) Drupal. I have been working basically simultaneously on 4 major projects, plus I'm a high profile member of the community and a lot of different aspects of it demand/deserve my attention. I'm also a pushy bastard sometimes, and I use this feature to try and get my way whenever I think the direction of something needs a tweak.

There are a few other items in my life that are worth mentioning:

NFL: Still a Broncos fan. Disappointed after yesterday's defeat, but I expected it. The team is currently not living up to its potential, alas.
Computer games: Most everything has dropped off, but I play Lord of the Rings Online when I get a chance. I've got a level 37 guardian.
RPGS: Sadly this has completely dropped off. Nothing happening here.
Shadowfist: I get to play about once every 3-4 months right now.
Writing: Haven't written anything new in ages.
Home: Theoretically we're looking to upgrade and buy a new house, but there's a lot of time.

Also, Spain was pretty amazing. The convention itself was fantastic, and Barcelona is a pretty cool city. There is a great deal to see and do, and the food is fantastic. Tapas is a meal that suits me well; though I will say, everything seems to be fried.

Also, I had Lambrusco I truly enjoyed. Alas that particular label doesn't seem to be imported to the US, but I am on the lookout. I know Lambrusco is kind of like soda wine, but I can't generally drink wine, so I will take what I can.


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