• Elwood's still a pee bucket. He hasn't peed on anything in the last 3 days or so, but right before that he hit some strategic places. These are all pretty big pees, indicating behavioral.
  • Word ate 4 hours worth of Physics homework last night.
  • [livejournal.com profile] esmerel's car battery died last night. I had to run down to mtn view in rain & traffic to go retrieve her, and then we ended up using Kallen's AAA, who gave her a jump start. The battery won't hold a charge tho, so she's got the Jeep today and I'm going to take a bus to school. After class I'll call AAA (we signed up last night) and get them to come replace the battery.
  • I've done my film final -- when I asked the prof when he'd have our papers graded he said January. I boggled--but it turns out his wife is having a baby within the next week or two. So that excuses him, in my mind.
  • My drama class is effectively over--we've handed in everything we're going to and there's no final in that class, just the paper.
  • Physics and Calc finals are on the same day. Go figure.
  • We're giving Elwood special 'seniors' food. The kittens seem to have decided that that is the one they want. I let them in this morning and they both went straight for it. Elwood just kind of sniffed at them and hovered protectively over his food, but didn't actually try to shoo them away.
  • I've got most of my Xmas shopping done, but there's a couple of people for whom gift ideas elude me. As usual.
  • I'm feeling particularly bitter toward the rampant consumerism that Christmas represents this year. I'm not sure why but it often makes me sick to my stomach (literally not metaphorically) when I hear asinine ads that basically say "Our crap makes great gifts!" because gifts are the only reason anybody would buy that crap at all.
  • My Altaia game is going well. It has its own community, though anybody not involved will probably have trouble making sense of it. But if you want to pop by and see, [livejournal.com profile] village_people is it. We had a really fun 3rd session and I look forward to the next few games. I have some plans and my frenzy of idea gathering gave me a few, at least.

Time to run off and catch a bus.
Since Elwood was being Mr. Pee Body again, the vet gave us antibiotics (again) and...valium!

And Elwood got hyper. It's very strange.
That is all.
Nothing new has been peed on for a week.

We put a water dish under the bed (where he hides most of the time) and a spare litterbox behind my desk (which has become extremely popular with /all/ the cats, damn their eyes. I can't believe how much waste these cats put out daily.)

He's been coming out a lot more and seems to be a little friskier, so I think the pain he was probably in is passing somewhat. I think it's still there, he seems pretty on edge still, but not as bad. We must keep making sure he always has extra water and the litterbox handy.

I must vacuum twice daily. Sigh. =)

It could be worse. I still haven't figured out how to get that pee smell out of the sofa cushion. The carpets seem to be coming clean. But the Nature's Miracle stuff doesn't seem to be very effective on that cushion. Maybe I need to be more liberal with it.

I think the sleeping bags are toast.
The urine test came back that he has a little blood in his urine, indicating either infection or inflammation in his bladder. Not knowing which it is until the culture comes back, which won't be until next week, he's getting an antibiotic in case it's an infection since it shouldn't go untreated any longer than it already has.

He also has an elevated enzyme count in his liver which could be a result of the inflammation, but they want to keep an eye on it so he has to go back in next month for another test.
Elwood peed on the bed this morning, while I was in the shower. I noticed when I went to make the bed...and there was a big wet spot on the sheet. Then as I investigated I discovered it was on the comforter...and [livejournal.com profile] esmerel's body pillow. Le sigh. He's been having a pretty rough time of it, being beaten senseless by Jake every week or two.

I was worried about him so I took him to the vet today. Won't know much until the blood work comes back.

While I was at the vet my PC locked up and wouldn't restart. I was too frustrated to screw with it, but when I finally did resetting the cards brought it back to life. So that's a plus. And we had coldstone after dropping [livejournal.com profile] ta_chuang off at the airport. Mmm cold stone.


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